"Töten, nicht getötet weden."
[independent RP/Ask blog for Michael (L-elf Karlstein) from Kakumeiki Valvrave

"Daten —
Status: Hitler Youth / Dorssia Army Special Forces Captain and agent./ emperor of the kingdom of (new) Dorssia. [AU RP status:Time-Traveler,'Archangel'.][tracking - michaelkarlstein][active since June 2013.][M!A: N/A]
"Would you use a knife to cut the yolk of your Ham and Eggs and the girl you love in half and share it with another man? Even if you don’t want to fight, what if someone comes and smashes you in the face? You’d just let them walk all over you with a big smile on your face? When you have no choice, you must fight!" [I will not rp with everyone, I'm selective, I love AU RP's and I approve of R18+/gore and mature RP's. For more information and before wanting to rp with me please read my —>Rules]

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